Custom metal signs personalized to your needs! Great for gifts and home decor!

Metal and fabrication has always been a passion for me, whether it was a job for a customer, something I needed, or toys for my kids I have always enjoyed working with my hands and creating! Like many others in 2020, COVID hit my day job and slowed up profits very quickly, I have been self employed since I left college so I wasn't able to rely on a large corporation to keep an income coming my way. So what started as a means of supplemental income to get through the hard times has turned into so much more and I am forever grateful!

Looking for that special gift or item to make your man cave, living space or office look incredible??? A custom metal sign personalized to your needs is the perfect item! All of our items are made from 16ga mild steel, powder coated black, and painted your color of choice if black isn't your need. I do my best to get items out on time and in your hands! We also do custom orders, so if you don't see what you like or need something larger, thicker, etc.. let us know! If you have some time and what to see what's going on at the shop on a weekly basis be sure to check our social media channels for fun and entertaining content!

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